Astrid FukuiEdit

Astrid Fukui is one of the main protagonist of Yōsei Yume, and the brains of the group. She is a Shi Yōsei Megami of Shi Uchu. Her attacks are based on the element of darkness, has the ability to desecrate life to almost any living creature and can cause deathly blows to her opponents.

Appearance Edit

Astrid has dark brown skin with short snow white hair and purple eyes. Astrid has a petite figure and is ranked by Enju of having the smallest cup size of being only a B cup(Rika being a B cup as well). When Astrid is older, her cup size has increased considerably from a B to a D cup.

She maintains a scowl most of the time but on rare occasions she does smile whether it be a plan she formulated went accordingly or if something genuinely makes her smile. Astrid's attire are mostly Gothic Lolita wearing shades of black, white and gray. At one point she once had long white hair that reached down to her lower back but decided to cut it due to reasons unknown. However, it is said from Draven that Astrid looked beautiful with her long hair.

As a Shi Yōsei, her attire consists of a short sleeve Lolita dress with black boots decorated with skulls.

Personality Edit

Astrid is shown to be highly intelligent, cold-hearted, cynical, creepy, merciless, stubborn, and unsympathetic. This is due to the type of childhood she had growing up and the torment she went through. As a kid, she was once happy, optimistic and cheerful but due to being kidnapped by Agor and tormenting her for nearly a year after Akio's death, her personality changed drastically.

Although she is known to be scary to others due to her personality, she is shown to be selfless and caring towards others when no one notices. She does deny any proof that she is nice due to embarrassment. She is even shown to be a caring and protective older sister towards her little sister Yumi and little brother Raiden. Astrid is also shown on occasion to smile when something genuinely makes her happy, those being her siblings, her friends and her closest friend/betrothed Draven whom she grew up with since they were children.

When with Draven, Astrid is shown to be more open towards him and would not mind being around him if he wanted to speak with her or vise versa. She does harbour a crush on Draven but hides it from him due to being in denial of her feelings towards him. She does feel jealous if any girl were to flirt with Draven(mainly Enju) whom she would scare with her intimidating stare. Astrid does have strong feelings for Draven and at times would show hints that she does return Draven's feelings back.

During the course of the series, Astrid's personality has changed to being more caring, loyal and one of the voices of reason towards her group of friends.

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